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Since time was when, consumers have been exploited by the producers in many ways like charge high prices for underweight and sub-standard products, adulteration, false information, the market was very uncertain in term of quality and consumer welfare taking all major factors into account the Government decided to establish an “Indian Standard Institution” in January 1947 now knowns as BIS Bureau of Indian Standards. In initial years, this foundation started standardization and after 1955 Indian Standard Institution started to formulate the specific standards and product value, Grant of Licence to the manufacturers who comply with the standards and also laboratories were started for product testing purpose.

On 1st April 1987, Bureau of Indian Standards came into existence with more power and responsibilities. And till now BIS has expanded its boundaries and contributed a lot in protecting the consumer from being exploited and also contributed in natural and economic development. In past 2 decades, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under the Ministry of Consumer affairs, Food and Public Distribution has worked a lot in various fields like Foreign Manufacturer certificate, Compulsory Registration Scheme for electric and IT, standard formulation in various segments like management system, medical equipment and hospital planning etc. Not only in the field of standardization, BIS has contributed a lot for variety of national priorities like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India, Make in India etc. and these are those initiatives of which every Indian is aware of.

Apart from benefiting the consumer and all industries, standardization and BIS certification scheme also encourages various public polices mainly in the area of product safety, consumer protection, food safety, protect environment, building and construction, promote exports and imports substitute, control over the proliferation of varieties etc.

Bureau of Indian Standards is responsible for the development of standards, quality and safety Certification of all types of products. BIS boundaries are not limited to the certification and registration of products; it has endless functions like Laboratory Services, Sales of Standards, Consumer Affairs Activities, Training Services for both National and International Level etc. and many more, out of them following are the major types of BIS Certification & BIS Registration; which covers all most 95% of products for Certification and Licensing.



Under Conformity Assessment Scheme I, BIS Bureau of Indian Standards grants licence to the manufacturing units after inspection/audit of plant and conformity of product quality as per BIS norm. Before granting the Licence, Indian BIS assess the manufacturing and testing Capabilities of the manufacturer and ensures the product produced conform the relevant Indian Standards, after getting BIS certification manufacturer can use ISI Mark on their product. Although, this Scheme is voluntary in nature but Government of India & Bureau of Indian Standards have notified many products for mandatory compliance to Indian Standards through various Quality Control Order (QCO) and WTO Orders from different ministries. Few examples are cement, household electrical goods, batteries, food related products, oil pressure stove, automobile accessories, Cylinder, valve, regulator, medical equipment, iron & steel products. Electrical transformer, electric motor, capacitor, chemical fertilizers, petrochemicals, kitchen appliances, air conditioner, cable, electric products, safety glass, toys, woven sacks, papers etc.


Basic Aspects
  1. Licence shall be granted to the manufacturer
  2. In case of multiple products ,separate application need to be filed
  3. In case of multiple factories, separate application need to be filed
  4. Must have complete testing laboratory
  5. Must have qualified quality incharge
  1. Submit application to BIS Office
  2. Factory audit by BIS Scientist level Officials
  3. Verification of manufacturing unit
  4. Testing of sample
  5. Draw random sample while auditing the factory by BIS Auditor
  6. Testing of sample in BIS Approved lab
  7. Grant of Licence
  1. Factory Licence
  2. GST
  3. Electric bill
  4. Adhaar Card
  5. Premises Documents
  1. 30 Days for option-II (Simplified procedure)
  2. 90 Days for option-I (Normal procedure)
  3. Note-Timeline may vary product to product


All Electronic and IT Products come under Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) & this BIS certificate online window is quite easier then other compliances. The applicability of Indian BIS Certification is for many day to day products, For example, lighting and wiring includes LED Lights, Chain lights, Flood lights, Street lights, Dimmers for LED Products etc.; electric appliances like Rice cooker, induction, Power Adapters, Household appliance and adopters, SMPS, LED TV etc, Energy and power includes solar inverters, Energy storage device like solar batteries, Sealed secondary cells and batteries, storage batteries, Power Inverters as well as; high tech products like digital camera, Bluetooth Headphones & Earphones, Webcam, Smart Speakers & Bluetooth Speakers, laptop, Smartwatch etc.

For overseas manufacturer of Electronics & IT products This Indian BIS can be obtained through BIS certificate online portal. For safety equipment, the product must be tested and go through BIS recognized Lab Test and Measurement. The major Indian standards which are being used to test the products for this self-declaration scheme is IS 13252, IS 616, IS 302 and for Li-Ion, Li-Polymers batteries IS 16046. This BIS Registration is gateway to import the product from overseas. It means if you are willing to Export the product to INDIA market or you have question like How to Import without BIS licence, you must comply with at least this certificate before import of electronics and IT product.


Basic Aspects
  1. Covers electronic and solar products
  2. Licence is granted to manufacturer
  3. Manufacturer must have requisite production infrastructure, quality control and testing capabilities relevent to Indian standards
  1. Submit online application
  2. Testing of sample
  3. Scrutiny of application & report by BIS officials
  4. Grant of Licence
  1. Nomination of Indian Representative
  2. Self-Declaration of Conformity
  3. Test report of lab
  4. Name & address proof of manufacturing unit
  5. Product details – Models/varieties
  6. Sample details of product to be tested by BIS
  1. 25-30 Working days


Under this Scheme, Indian BIS Certification is granted to the manufacturing company whose location is outside the India and to all type of Mechanical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Polyester products for Example Toys, petrochemicals, chemicals, cement, alternative fuels ethanol and methanol, safety equipment like ankle boots, helmet for hazardous locations etc. Almost all kind of steel products like Cold rolled steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel Tubes & Pipes, Pre-Painted Galvanized Sheet Strips and Coil, most of the automotive products like Tire, wheel rims, Safety Glass, Some electrical components like Power cord, cable, switch & sockets, capacitors and Circuit Breakers which is being manufactured overseas and mandatory to be certified by BIS Bureau of Indian Standards are covered under this scheme.


Basic Aspects
  1. Licence granted to the manufacturing Unit located outside India
  2. For certain products this scheme is manadatory and that products cannot be imported to India without Standard Mark
  3. Nomination of Aurthorised Indian Representative to manufacture in India
  4. No licence will be granted to importer, exporter
  5. Must have complete testing laboratry
  6. Must have qualified quality incharge
  1. Submit application to BIS Office
  2. Factory audit by BIS Scientist level Officials
  3. Verification of manufacturing unit
  4. Testing of sample
  5. Draw random sample while auditing the factory by BIS Auditor
  6. Testing of sample in BIS Approved lab
  7. Grant of Licence
  8. Manufacturer raise Bank gurantee of USD 10000
  1. Nomination of Indian Representative
  2. Company/Factory (Business Licence)
  3. Factory Layout & Location
  4. Machinery & Equipment Details
  5. Quality Control Parameters
  6. Testing Facilities
  7. Product sample to be tested
  1. 5-6 months from the date, application submitted


Under this Scheme, BIS Hallmark certification is must for wholesalers, manufacturers, Jewellers showroom/outlet for selling jewellery (starting from first point of GST to jewellers selling jewellery) and recognition is given for Assaying & Hallmark centre for testing the gold samples. Under BIS Hallmark Certificate Scheme, the registration issued to the jeweller and Assaying hallmark centre are recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standard organization in India.


Basic Aspects
  1. Registration of wholesaler, manufacturer (artisan), jewellers is must for selling the gold/silver jewellery except for those whose turnover is less than Rs. 40 lakh
  2. Certification of registration shall be granted to jeweller for the sale of Gold and silver ornaments
  3. All jewellery should be bis hallmarked
  4. Separate registration application required for selling gold and silver
  5. Violation of terms and conditions by jeweller can lead to cancellation of certificate
  1. Submit the application in prescribed format with necessary documents
  2. Grant of certificate of registration
  1. Showroom Establishment Certificate (Business Licence)
  2. GST Certificate
  3. Turnover proof
  4. Owners Identity proof (Adhaar Card)
  1. 3-5 Working days


Basic Aspects
  1. Recognition shall be granted to the Assaying & Hallmark centre
  2. BIS approved centre can do testing of gold/silver ornaments
  3. Violations of terms and conditions can lead to cancellation of Recognition
  1. Submit the application and Generate online portal on BIS website
  2. Testing In-house sample and participate for ILC with other Hallmarking Centre.
  3. Submission of application along with test report
  4. Submit hardcopy of complete application to BIS
  5. Scrutiny of application file by BIS officials: Pre-Audit
  6. On-site Inspection by BIS officials
  7. Scrutiny of application file by BIS officials: Post-Audit
  8. Grant of BIS Recognition
  1. Premises Documents Registry or Rent Deed
  2. Company registration document or MSME of Manufacturer for Name, address and Business Scope verification
  3. ID Proof of Authorized Signatory and all Staff of Centre
  4. Layout Plan of the Centre indicating the office, lab
  5. Registered Trade Mark (TM number along with copy of brand/label) in JPEG
  6. Calibration certificates copy, if available (NABL approved)
  7. Equipment List
  1. 60-90 days


"ECO MARK” is a certification mark issued by a national Standard Body; Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for the products which are ecologically safe and adheres to the requirements given in Indian standards. Apart from other Indian BIS certification, ECO Mark is rarely required. Eco mark is also known as the Eco labeling. Few products for which Eco-mark is given are Soaps & detergent, paints, paper, plastic, fire extinguishers, cosmetics, textile, drugs etc. these are mostly those products which are used in day to day life. You can visit below link for more detailed information about Bureau of Indian Standards certification for ECO Mark. https://alephindia.in/ecomark.php


Basic Aspects
  1. ECO mark is given along with ISI mark. Getting ISI Mark is must for getting ECO Mark
  2. License is granted to manufacturer
  3. Labelling of eco-friendly products is done
  4. ECO logo marked on products with ISI Mark (except leather shoes)
  1. Submit the application to BIS
  2. After verifying the application form, BIS arrange the preliminary inspection of applicant unit
  3. Inspection officer draw sample for testing
  4. Grant of Licence to use ECO Mark
  1. Factory Registration Document
  2. Manufacturing process flow chart
  3. Product Laboratory test report
  4. Manufacturing equipment facilities
  5. In house testing Facilities
  6. Details of Quality control
  1. 30 days for option-II (Simplified)
  2. 120 days for option-I (Normal)



Since ancient time, Indians have a great love for gold and consider gold as the major investment source. Most of the time, gold consumer gets cheated like by adulteration mixing of other metals like copper, silver etc. in more quantity. These issues gave birth to Hallmark by Bureau of Indian Standards also known as BIS.

BIS is running hallmark certification scheme since April 2000, but till now very less, approximately 40% of jewellers and Hallmarking Centre practice the BIS Hallmark certification guidelines. As India is the biggest importer as well as the consumer of the Gold but the hallmarked jewellery level is very low, keeping this in mind Government of India has taken a most valuable step to make the hallmarking of gold and silver mandatory. The main motive of the Government as well as the BIS is to protect the end consumer as well as the customer who buy gold and silver.

To understand the types of BIS Hallmark Registration, first we will have to understand the different between showroom and Assaying Centre.

  • Showroom: A Retail Shop/Enterprise/Jewellers where the consumer can get/purchase jewellery/ornaments.
  • Assaying Centre:A testing Laboratory/BIS Hallmark centre for testing the purity of Gold/Silver etc.

Now, as per the latest guidelines by BIS

  1. The showroom/jewellers whose turnover is above Rs.40 lakh must be registered in BIS. Without BIS Hallmark certification, the retailers and jewellers is not authorized to sell gold/silver ornaments and Jewelry.
  2. All Assaying & Hallmarking centre must be recognized by BIS to perform the testing of purity of Gold and symbolize the jewellery with hallmark BIS and logo of jeweller.

Considering the above parameter, we can conclude that major BIS Hallmark registration is of two types


1. BIS Hallmark Registration of Showroom/Sales Outlets

Registration of jeweller with BIS is required for the sale of Hallmarked jewellery for each outlet. Submit the application in prescribed format with necessary documents as follows

Document & Timeline

Document Required
  1. Premises Document (Sell Deed/Rent Agreement)
  2. Business Licence
  3. GST Certificate & Turnover proof
  4. Owners Identity proof (Adhaar Card)
  5. Showroom/Sales outlet Logo
  6. Showroom Location on Map
  7. 2-3 photographs of showroom from inside & outside

    If BIS Officials get satisfied with the documents, BIS grants certificate of registration to applicant. There will be a self-declaration by jeweler to BIS for operating the licence.

  1. 3-5 Working days

2.BIS Recognition of Assaying and BIS Hallmark Centre

Assaying and Hallmarking centre is institution where purity testing and marking of the jewellery is done or we can say it is the testing laboratory for precious metals. When an Assaying & Hallmark Centre receives BIS recognition, it becomes BIS certified to test precious ornaments.

Function and Gold Purity Mark

Function Of Assaying and Hallmark Centre
  1. Homogeneity Test
  2. Purity Testing
  3. Marking Individual Item
Gold Purity Mark

    Assaying and hallmarking centre after testing the jewellery sample, following marking was practiced on the jewellery and it is the only way to depicts the jewellery purity

  1. BIS Mark/Logo
  2. Purity/Fitness mark like 585 to 14k, 750 for 18k and 916 for 22k
  3. Assaying centre mark
  4. Year of marking
  5. Jeweller identity mark.

    Very recently Bureau of Indian Standards has upgraded their system to BIS Online software and marking system and now the Marking on jewelry should be as follows:

  2. Purity/Fitness mark like 585 to 14k, 750 for 18k and 916 for 22k.
  3. Hallmarking Unique ID.

Process & Document

  1. Submit the application with required documents
  2. In-house sample testing is done
  3. Submit application along with sample test report
  4. Submit hard copy of application along with documents to BIS
  5. Before Audit, scrutiny of application is done by BIS Official
  6. On-site inspection done by BIS Officials
  7. After audit, application file is reviewed by BIS Officials
  8. Grant of BIS Recognition
Documents Required
  1. Premises Documents Registry or Rent Deed required
  2. Director/Partner/owners ID Proof
  3. GST copy, MSME Copy & Electricity Bill
  4. Hallmarking Centre Logo
  5. NOC from Pollution Department
  6. MOA/Partnership Deed
  7. Qualified personals with their Qualifications Certificate and I'd Proof
Timeline – 60-90 days

Apart from the above two, Gold refinery and Gold Mint as well as Gold Monetization Scheme is also regulated by BIS Bureau of Indian Standards.

How ALEPH INDIA helps Indian jewellers and Assaying & Hallmark centre?

The process and protocols to obtain the BIS Hallmark Certification are quite tedious. However, we ALEPH INDIA is always there for your assistance. On your behalf, our professional team will perform all functions end to end required for obtaining BIS Hallmark registration and BIS Hallmark Certification. First licence will be granted to you, then your jewellery will be BIS Hallmarked and finally, after getting BIS Hallmark registration you can sell your jewellery and expand your business. Again same applies to Assaying & Hallmarking system, once centre gets certified from BIS, can perform analysis and hallmarking of precious metal.

ALEPH INDIA quickly identifies your need and what is best for you, accordingly deliver services. We make every possible effort to make your business grow. So get your gold stores and assaying hallmarking centre BIS registered. BIS Hallmark will provide uniqueness and competency to stand among your competitor. Build trust and awareness about your brand in the mind of the customers.

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